PDF files

PDF files can be imported in the same way as digital images. Upon pressing (Add image) a dialogue ox appears where you can find the PDF-file you want to add.

Multi-page PDF-files can also be added, each page in the document will be threaded as a separate image. Each page or image will be added to the current course open, and are now available to be measured.

Live video source

It is possible to acquire an image directly from a live video source which supports TWAIN interface. This could be a webcam, digital camera, video camera, microscope etc.

When clicking  (Scan) and clicking Acquire the live video is shown. Here you can either take a snapshot or adjust the preferences or format. In preferences you can adjust color, light, contrast, etc. The control panel is dependent on the type
of camera and driver.

If more than one TWAIN source is available, you are able to choose between them by clicking Select Twain Source. This window will display the different TWAIN compatible sources, where you can select one and press OK. The selected camera will now be the default one used.