If several images in a series has been analyzed, and the data needs to merged with other data and analyzed in another software e.g. Excel, statistical software or any other 3rd party software, .CSV file can be useful. It is a flexible file type readable by many applications. All data, except the images itself, are exported into the .CSV file.

The export function are located under Data > Export > CSV Export.

Burned image

The currently selected image can also be exported as an image with the result annotations stamped into the image. It gives a quick and easy option for creating simple documentation. This is done by selecting Data > Export > Burned Image.

The image can either be saved as .TIF or .JPEG. On the right is an example of how the burned image looks.

Embedded image

If the Save as function is used, an image with embedded measurements is saved. All the measurements are embedded into the file. This means that if the image is opened in a normal image viewer or image editor software, the measurements are not visible. If the image is opened later in a KLONK Image Measurement application, all the data will be retrieved. This can be useful for sharing images and results with coworkers, partners etc.