How to measure the size of a wound

In order to use KLONK Image Measurement to measure the size of wound you must follow the following procedure:

  • Download and register KLONK Image Measurement
  • Acquire an image with a digital camera, a mobile device or live video source, with a ruler (or another object with a known dimension) next to the wound.
  • The image must be taken in an perpendicular angle
  • Import the image from the camera or mobile phone to KLONK Image Measurement
  • Calibrate the image size, according to the length of the known calibration object or ruler
  • Draw the outline of the wound

If many measurements should be handled in large clinics or research projects, we recommend using KLONK Image measurement Scientific or Central. It includes report generation, area tracking curves and stores images in a database for better statistical handling. KLONK Image Measurement Central also has the possibility to be used as a multiuser system.