Step by step on how to get started with Image Measurement.

See how to take pictures for measuring in Image Measurement.

A short description on how to load an image width the various supported methods.

 Skew Correction adjust your image if it's tilted. Mainly used on scanned papers or images where the objects have straight lines to calculate from.

See here how to calibrate your image using the different methods available.

Learn how to measure the area or circumference of an object with Image Measurement.

Image Measurement is only available for a 10-day trial period, where your version will be limited afterwards. You can purchase a suitable version online.

You can either save your image with hidden or visible measurements.

As a special feature, we have implemented the Process Wizard, which makes it quick and easy for you to measure images on the go.

A quick guide on how to measure the length of an object.

Zoom in and out of your image in order to get more accurate measurements.

See the requirements for Image Measurement.

You can crop your image, if you only need to measure on a small part of your image.

We are always making improvements on Image Measurement and updates are available for everyone.

A simple guide on how to install Image Measurement.

Choose an image from Google maps to measure fields, lawns, houses etc.

You have to register your account before you can start measuring images with Image Measurement.

Measure the angle of an object with Image Measurement.

Change or remove the watermark using the Professional or Scientific version of Image Measurement.

Adjust your images in contrast and color.

Generate a PDF containing all your data.

Rename measurements to suit your measurement.

A short description on how to use the Project Explorer

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