How to measure the size of a pain area

In order to use KLONK Image Measurement to measure the size of pain areas you must follow the following procedure:

  • Download and register KLONK Image Measurement
  • Scan the Pain Drawing into KLONK Image Measurement software
  • Select a firm calibration for the height of the person or calibrate the pain drawing with the known lenght of each person
  • If the user should enter their pain areas directly into the application you must import a template of the pain drawing into the application
  • Draw the pain areas

After measuring the size of the wound and saving the image, you can share the measurement and the pain drawing, with other users of KLONK Image Measurement.

If many measurements should be handled in large clinics or research projects, we recommend the Larger version of our Image measurement software KLONK Image Measurement Central. It includes report generation, area tracking curves and stores images in a database for better statistical handling. It even comes as a mulituser system so that many can do measurements at a time and Images and measurements done with KLONK Image Measurement can be imported into the tool.