"I used Klonk Image Measurement as a solution to measure poly lines in the roots of (Arabidopsis thaliana) plants for a stress experiment where different things like salt were introduced and the growth was recorded ect. They grown vertically in an agarose gel medium in a petri dish and I needed a depth measurement and looked for something more precise than a standard linear metric ruler. I was able to scan the petri dishes with the plants sealed inside for an accurate measurement while maintaining a sterile environment, over the entire growth cycle open the image in Klonk, then measure at my convenience. Then that data was plugged into excel and graphed for comparison to the control for growth of the roots. I was working as an intern volunteer for a genetics research lab at University of New Mexico, (with PhD Olga Pontes team), small interfering RNA (siRNA) directing DNA methylation, (switching sections of the DNA on and off) relating to cancer research in animals and drought resistant agriculture. My opinion of Klonk is that is a great measurement solution and is very easy to use, I was glad to have found it. The light version did not allow you to, “save as” a picture displaying the measurement lines but I guess you have to purchase that feature. Tell the team thank you for making a good and useful program for the lab, I would recommend it, and certainly do when something like this is needed."

Jeff Kurtz - Researcher - Chloroplast