KLONK Image Measurement is a planimetric tool to measure angle, length and area on surfaces. Originally designed for medical research, KLONK Image Measurement has also proved itself in other fields including design, engineering and artistry and generally industries where image measurements are handy.


KLONK Image Measurement is able to acquire a wide variety of image formats – besides the common ones, files such as DICOM, layers, vectorial objects, as well as proprietary formats of Photoshop, frames from video files and Camera RAW are accepted. Alternatively, it can process images captured from a local scanner, direct video or recorded or graphics acquired from Google Maps.

KLONK Image Measurement helps you organize the Images and measurement results and edit and generate reports from entire projects with large number of images and measurement results.


KLONK Image Measurement was initiated while Christian Andersen, was studying IT in 1993. During a research project within healthcare, it came to his attention that tools for tracing and measuring sizes within medical research needed to be improved. The first product developed was a small software tool designed for determining the size of areas where the individuals felt pain. This was the first version of KLONK Image Measurement.

A more commercial version was developed later with a technology including tracing on paper sheets on a digitizer, this version of the software was called Quantify One. Later a new version based on measuring on scanned or imported images was created and the software was renamed to Quantify Image. Now the tool is called Image Measurement.